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Posted by Chclt Cty on


I am looking for truth. Please Help.

Posted by keijo on

Very well big shalom in Jesus blood and victory for hope around th world with amazing out pouring the Holy Spirit around the world in healing and in stength our faith in favor and in revealed the bible again in new power and joy that read that miracle the book for life and for better thanksgiving for goodness of God,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Posted by yocabed on

Shalom, Achotees!
May Abba always keep his ahava in and around you all. I miss you all so very, very, very much!!!!! ShabaYah, daughters, Mama I need to see , hear and talk with you all, my lav lone to be with you all each and every day. This must be what it feel like to lone to be with Abba and Yahshua, for I lone for the true fellowship of Achoteeship. It take nothing from the achotee that I fellowship with here in Detroit, yet my lav lone to be with you all there daily, I've not felt this togatherness as I felt when I was there. To see such togatherness and ahava for and toward each other is truly of Yahweh. How the little ones are not just the little one of the dad and mom, but the little one of everyone there. We must have ahava one for the other. And how one can know that they are not along when there is something wrong going on in ones life. I want you all to know how much i took away from there, each and everyone of you gave me so much and I will never be able to repay you for the ahave and strength i've gain from you all. Keep letting Abba 's ruah teach you all for you are truly the DAUGHTERS OF TZION!!!!!!!
Shalom, shalom
achotee Yocabed

Posted by yowkebed on

Shalom, shalom !
I am truly barak to have all of you to look at and come to hear how Yahweh is alive in His Daughters.I've learn so much since I've been coming here to this site, I've read so much and I don't want to do or being any thing against my Abbas daughters and people. Reading the recovered books, I have learn so much about who and how Abbas people are to be found when Yahshua returns. I want and need to be walking as Yahshua has taught in the torah. Psalms 34:19 says it best to keep me in line; Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but Yahweh delivereth him out of them all. great suffering because my mind will at times not want to do what my ruach know to be right. I want to be righteous before my Abba therefore I am always examine me. I want and need to be real with the daughters of Yahweh. When I see you I want to see me, we are help one to the other, So you see you all help me to see who and what I need and want to be. TRUE DAUGHTERS OF YAHWEH. I leave youall with this I alway remind myself that Abba Yahweh hears and see everything I do and say. Raah taught a lesson that I hear in my ruach often ; DON't keep saying I'm sorry and keep doing and saying the thing in my lav I don't mean it and need help. That were you all come in as my help here when I read and look at you all , Yes Abba is my Salvation and you all are an encouragement to me as I am here in the city around people who care less about living for Yahweh. My hope is in Yahweh and I need you all to stay true and faithful to who Abba has call you all to be, for women like me are looking to you and the life you are living there, Be strong and keep the ahava that Abba has giving you all one to the other and every woman that He is and will send. I am one that saw that ahava and look forward to returning to see and fellowship with my Imas and achotees, I wait to be with you all each yom(day) I need all of you. Take tov care of each other you're all I have and my lav beats with shalom because Yahweh has chosen you all to be apart of my life and I todah Abba for that. I do AHAVA YOU ALL!!!
achot Yowkebed    

Guestbook Comments:

Posted by meeyahx on
I just surfed upon this site while searching for hebrew recipes. I must say that this is a very encouraging and positive site. keep up the great work! i'll also try to catch a sabbath sermon too!
Posted by Jo Rhodie Smith on
I love the sisters clothes and I want to know if you sell clothes.
if you do I would love to purchase some.
Posted by Tonyah on

I currently live in Detroit (roseville,mi). My family and I are seeking the truth and want to worship the true Yahweh. Can you suggest any places of worship in my area? Is is ok to worship Jesus Christ? The Bible? Christianity?

Posted by sheri the beloved on
Praise Yahweh for seeing me home. I currently reside in Chicago Illinois. Me and my family are bless through Yahshua becasue of the graces of the family.
Now I know what it is so is. Shalom.
Posted by zahara adelyn on
I was searching for the truth and also in need of prayer I came across your site. I am so thankful I did I have been reading and listening to the scriptures and sermons which is helping me to overcome what I've been dealing with for so so long. The women are so blessed, talented and inspirational to me this just inspires me more to dedicate my life to Yahweh. I live in Florida and not aware of a congregation as yours . I would love to learn more and if possible join so if you have an affiliations here please let me know if not I'll just continue to tune in and read the scriptures and thank you for sharing this valuable information with the world
Posted by Isaiaria Moreland on
I love looking at your vedios they are such an inspiration to me. Your community is one of my dreams. I am 65 years old making the transition from Dallas, Texas to East Texas (Longview or Henderson, Texas) to start my homestead, montessori messanic childcare, write my children books, mix my shea butter/olive oil. I just joined a messanic congregation in Duncanville texas about 6months ago which is part of the ONE NEW MAN Rabbi Steve and Pastor Margaret Jaslow are the leaders there. This community gives me hope. I want to buy about 12acres here in east texas and find a refurbish build I can move on the property and fix up and be debt free with my solar panels and hopefully a well. I would like to visit one harvest or festival time. KEEP ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST.
Posted by rita on
Shalom Just wanted to let you know I love this site and your community... I really wish one day that I could live there..... I am learning a lot from all of you I thank you so much.
Posted by Kasidah on
Shalom Sisters,

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the opportunity to fellowship with you on the first day of Sukkot. I pray blessings in the name of YHWH for you, your families and the Tshuwah congregation.
Posted by Cathy on
I enjoyed browsing your site after seeing Paul Nisson's youtube video. Thanks for taking time to share tips and recipes. Baruch Yahweh! B'shem Yeshua
Posted by Sharron on
I went to the Yahwehsword website just to view the writings. I prefer to have the means of reading the scriptures with all names restored. I just wish I could find an affordable, complete book done in that manner - from Genesis to Revelations including even the ommitted writings. That would truly be enlightening & truely worth having for myself, my children & grandchild(ren) even as well as forwarding a copy to my evengelical godsister down south.

I got curious about the Yahweh sisterhood & clinked on the link. Thank you for talking about the Kinky Curly Knot hair product. Now, I can shop at a store locally at a little bit cheaper than the products from Ouidad to care for my hair. Also the tip on winter care will serve me very well. Thank you so very much again.
Be Blessed Always.
Posted by yolanda on
I have a brother that is interested in your ministry and would like some contact infomation please if you will get back with meat your earliest convenience.
Posted by yahcabed on
may Yahweh barak my sisters, it has been some time now since i've post any thing here, mainly because my husband and i are now here in jefferson with you all. HALLALUYAH!!!!!!:). i'd like to say , this has and is a time of truly knowing for ones self if one is walking with and in the ruach of YAHWEH/YAHSHUA, the teaching is so much needed, i find myself in all the teachings that is taught, if i may say, when we stop all the hoilday we learn from our birth family and came out of the whorehouse, began to call on Yahweh/Yahshua and keep Sabbath that was not all i needed to do.i todah Abba for this place and all of you, your steadfastness and ahava for torah is a great strength to and for me. i may not see you all every day, yet you all are always in my prayers. i am yet learning how to be a daughter of Yahweh and to submit to my husband and keep my big mouth shut. i just wanted to share something that just happen for me this pass week, as i was talking to Abba as i do all day, i realize that it wasn't just the thing in the world that i needed to let go of, my whole way of life was wrong, nothing i had learn from a baby til Yahweh open my eyes, ears and gave me a new heart and the birth of His ruach, i was still dead in sin, walking around thinking i had the new birth. when that light of truth hit me i could hardly keep still, you see i truly know now, born again ruach. iwant to know the love of the Abba as only He can teach me. i try to ahava each and every one with as much as i had learn of love. my prayers are to be more like Yahshua and walk as He did and when i fall short i know He's right by my side to pick me up. my sisters toda for all you do and keep being the find, strong, torah walking women of Yahweh/Yahshua you are, i need and ahava you all. Shalom,shalom Yahcabed
Posted by LACEY on
Posted by tomika mical on
Shalom, sisters it is an blessing to see the will of Yahweh at work. I am of the house of Yahweh in Chester SC we are a small community and we are interested in all the skills you have mastered I would love to have more knowledge. I am looking for a way to hone my skills without having to go to the world. We are interested in gardening ,sewing, holistic medicine. If you have any input please contact me via gmail. Also wanted to know if you were associated with pastor ROBERTS organization if so even better. My pastor is very fond of him. Please contact us shalom
Posted by Martina Biondo on
I do not even feel worthy to post on such a sacred site, but I ask for two prayer request from all who might pray. First and foremost, I ask for The Holy Spirit of Yahweh to descend upon me and upon my family so that we may be cleansed, changed, and made whole. We will not enter The Kingdom of Heaven without this gift. Secondly, I pray that my mother receive this particular blessing NOW as she is 84 and of ill health. I am fearful that without the blessing of receiving The Holy Spirit, she will not enter the kingdom of Heaven. Please, all, pray for us and please instruct in whose name I should be praying according to the Torah. I am only an infant in Yeshuas Holy Word and ignorant presently to the knowledge that I must retain. Thanks to all who will hear and help us in Yeshua.
Posted by Loria (LiOriYah) on
Shalom Sisters:
I reside South of Chicago and have visted your site now for about a year. I listen to Pastor Roberts at my desk during work and am very blessed to see your active sisterhood site. The main skill that I know you sisters have is the ability to get along in Yashua. Please share some tips concerning how you manage cooking for the feasts which can be a challenge.... :)

This is a great encouragement to me. I belong to a small sisterhood group here and it has taken a number of years of prayer to assemble willing souls to learn of Yah.

I will continue to check your site here and just want to thank you and your Pastor for giving the permission for this outreach to sisters...

Love you in Yashua Ha'Machiach
Loria Versher
Posted by Rosa Leftenant on
Praise Yah I am so happy that I found this site. I enjoy reading the articles viewing the pictures; feel at home with the sisters.
Posted by Vreelyá Tenise on
Shalom Sisters,
I give thanks unto YAH 4 all u do 2 support the msg being preached out of the community. Although our brothers are front and center, i am clear tht the love and diligent effortsof my sisters as well that support the community's ability 2 shine the light of truth brightly out here 2 help wake us up. And i am very grateful for it.
As a mother of four boys, i find myself each Shabbat at a lost to how to keep them occupied righteously in honor of the holy day. i most certainly could use suggestions of what other mothers are doing with their children to teach and at the same time demonstrate proper observance of the day. my boys are 2, 3, 5, and 13. Any articles or advice any of you could point my way wud be great. Todah once again 4 all u r doing 2 support us daughters of Yah. Many blessings 2 u all.
Posted by mother mary on
Praise Yahweh
Sisters of Virtue of the Infallible True Church of Yahshua the Messiah of the Apostolic Faith.
Peace Be
Posted by lucy on
Shalom shalom sisters.
Am lucy from kenya and am really glad to find your site,i would love to
join your team and learn more truth about YAHWEH.
I sure look forward to hear from you.
Be increased.

Posted by valentin on
Your site is inspirational! and answer to my prayer my Sisters!
Can you please let me know if you sell your quilts
I would gladly be interested in purchasing one
Posted by Abby McCombs on
A Poem
Forget Not
My friend, partner, family
Hand me your hand
As we walk through this tumultuous land
We need not to fear
For there is a path
That will deliver us to our Owner
We need not to fear
For His Son is coming over
Until then
Let us strengthen, edify, support one another
For this is a work of our elder Brother
Let us not oppress
The precious gift that was given up
By our Father
For Yahshua died
That we may be free from our suppressor
So stand!
And be bold in Elohim
Let us hold tight now
And in the time that we flee
Not forgetting
But remembering that Thee Creator
Is with you and me.
Posted by Valentin on
To my sister's in YHWH for such a time as this pray earnestly for we in Faith . Thank you for your inspirational word. Hosianna
Posted by Alexis Lindsey on
Praise YAH and Shalom be unto you and your entire community. Thank you for sharing such great information through this website and youtube videos.

It has been a true beacon of light.
Posted by Jean Gaither on
This is my first time visiting this website and I just love it. It is BEAUTIFUL. Full of Knowledge and Understanding and most of all WISDOM. I prayed to Yahweh last night to show me Healing Prayers online and where I can learn more about YOU. And HE came through like HE always does. HE lead me to your website. By trade for 35 years, yet retired, I'm a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist. At 68 I still love to help others heal themselves through knowledge of what's really going on within themselves. Now with Essential Oils I was lead to help others help themselves through the use of prayer and oils and it's working which are in ABBA'S Plans. Oils are and have been used for many things during Yashua's time, especially for anointing and healing. So teach me all you can, I'm here to learn. You're new friend. Jean Gaither
Posted by Monica Bopp on
My heart rejoices to see such beauty. Being so excited, went through most of your site. You are very bless of the Most High, for being obedient to HIS word! I would like a a sister to contact me.
Posted by Eileen on
Dear Sisters: I have been searching for a good community of saints to abide with for the coming judgments seeing I have no man for many years now since I gave up my live-in fiancée who I realized did not truly love me. That was in 2007. I have been almost buying a home 5 times now but I get fearful and anxious and cancel or withdraw the offer each time. I feel maybe it is the Holy Spirit warning me seeing I have always jumped in once making a decision in life prior to now. I am near you now, only 45 minutes away on 601. I would like to come and visit tomorrow and see your camp and meet you. Shalom - I believe the true resurrection anniversary day most likely would be Tuesday seeing Yeshuah was crucifiedday before the high, holy Sabbath of the Passover. If the Sabbath was yesterday that would be day one in the grave, today 2 and tomorrow 3. I do not smoke or drink and I read the Word every day and pray unceasingly and thank YHWH that He works even through my errors. (Romans 8:28) I want you to know I believe we are already in the tribulation and will be here for the duration until the sixth seal. Where I believe we are now is in seal 2, the red horse of war in which peace is being taken from the earth and war is being waged against the saints....next comes the famine. Gardens are important now. Shalom
Posted by yahona Isreala on
I am working towards being a faithul women and daughter of yhwh I have just found my calling of finding out who i really am i need some help from a women of yhwh to help me be the women im suppose to be no one studies the torah and I myself am new to this but i need some wisdom from an elder please respond as soon as possible shalom todah
Posted by Wayne Atchison on
Just came across your website, very impressive.
Appears we have much in common.

Doctrinal details aside, the End Time Community of YHWH is something we both share.
Please take a look at www.yhwhis1.com .

You may or may not be interested in joining this Community, even so, please keep reading, and please go onto reading the PDF on the Ravenous Moose Trading Post.
Do not get misled by the title of the trading post, instead, please read what it is.
It is a way for your own group(s) to economically form a Community without Banks.
What this means will not be obvious until you read all eight pages of the PDF.

I decided to send you this invitation based on your website, as I only offer this to YHWH`s children through the Messiah Yahoshua (Aramaic).

Best Regards,
Wayne L. Atchison
Posted by Donna M. Lambert on
Praise Yahweh,
I was in search of some music sung about Yahweh and Yahshua and I found your website. I am so happy to find like minded people. For the past year I have been studying with Yahweh's Restoration Ministries in Holt Summit, MO. I live in Central New York about three hours south of Buffalo. I am glad to know that father is calling all races of people. I am enjoying the website on this beautiful Sabbath Day.

In Yahshua Name,
Donna M. Lambert
Posted by Vreelyá Tenise on
Shalom Sisters,
I give thanks unto YAH 4 all u do 2 support the msg being preached out of the community. Although our brothers are front and center, i am clear tht the love and diligent effortsof my sisters as well that support the community's ability 2 shine the light of truth brightly out here 2 help wake us up. And i am very grateful for it.
As a mother of four boys, i find myself each Shabbat at a lost to how to keep them occupied righteously in honor of the holy day. i most certainly could use suggestions of what other mothers are doing with their children to teach and at the same time demonstrate proper observance of the day. my boys are 2, 3, 5, and 13. Any articles or advice any of you could point my way wud be great. Todah once again 4 all u r doing 2 support us daughters of Yah. Many blessings 2 u all.
Posted by Losetta Canty on
Praise Yahweh, I have always listen to pastor Roberts and enjoy every word that comes out of his mouth but now iam glad that the sisters have a beautiful site that I can enjoy. I am a Sabbath Keeper, clean food eater and keep all of Yahweh feast days to so we have a lot in common, haven't got all the Hebrew language down yet, you ladies are truly a blessing and blessed to be sitting under such an anointed man of Yahweh, wish I could be in you all company but Texas is so far from Carolina. Keep me in your prayers, Yahweh bless!!! Shalom my sisters.
Posted by Sadie on
Shalom!~Thanks for all the postings and desires for good. We are blessed to have each other!
Posted by Yahnet Cruz on
This is one of the most inspiring websites and fellowships I have ever seen. Yahweh will lead me to learn more. You absolutely vindicate the names with your lives. HalleluYah and may Yahweh bless you. Shabbat Shalom (its over there). I had 30 minutes and felt it a fit thing to search for some inspiration on the internet. Forgive me if you don't do that on Shabbat. I have struggled this year and was wondering about some things. I saw your answers. I love you all in Yahoshua! Yahnet (Jeanette) Seeman Cruz, Chicago, Illinois.
Posted by Stephanie on
What a lovely site sisters! My Husband and I recently came across the Yahweh's Sword website and videos on YouTube and I wanted to see what the sister fellowship is like at your community. It is too bad we live far away or we would come visit, maybe one day, Yahweh willing! Your children are beautiful and you are all living in a righteous way. Amen, that is wonderful to see! Thank you for the website.
Posted by Amanda on
HalleluYah and Shalom to all of the dear achotee at Tshuwah!

I love to read and re-read the posts here from various achotee. It is very encouraging to have these articles to refer to as we are always striving to be more pleasing to Abba. I (and my dear HananiYah) do miss you all and your wisdom. We are patiently waiting to visit again, in Yah's Perfect Time.

Yah's ahava be with all of you at Tshuwah Community.

Achot Amanda from TN
Posted by lorna Shammi on
Oh How I bless Yahweh Tsabaoth for you sisters. May Yeshua Al Mashiac keep you vigilant. I bless the Lord God so much. Your Holiness is true and Yah is happy above. He will keep His Holy ones till the end. Be Holy for Yah is Holy. Oh may the Lord's name be Highly magnified for creating beautiful Godly sisters. I hava this, i am happy beyond control. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Jehovah Abir, Jehovah Palet, Melekh ha Kadosh.
Posted by Janice assman on
Been listening and getting to know the site
feel encouraged
I would like if my family would be able to spend a feast in South Carolina or with those that love the father closer to where we live
I have been desiring to be with others for some time now
Please keep my family in your prayers
Thanks for your obedience to the Father
Janice Assman
Posted by Shona on
Shalom my sisters! I pray that all is well with you and your families. I recently visited Tshuwah Community this past Pasach/Passover. I really enjoyed myself. I want to thank you for your beautiful hospitality and the love that you showed me while I was there. You all are so precious and the love of YAH is so evident in each of your lives. One can tell that you truly love serving Him in spirit and in truth! I was stranger to you, but yet you greeted me with open arms, and I want to say tudah! I fell in love with you all! The family of Tshuwah Community are truly wonderful people! YAH barak and shamar you all. I pray, YAH willing, that we will see each other again. Much ahabah and shalom!

Sister Shona from Wilmington, N.C.
Posted by Julius on
Shalom Sisters,
Greetings in the wonderful name of Yahweh. Peace and grace be multiplied to you all through Yahshua our redeemer. I am Julius from Kenya. Yahweh Barak your Sister hood leadership with the wisdom and knowledge to continue raising up sisters who uphold the virtues of Sarah of old and are true to the teachings of Yahweh's Torah; as instructed by his servants. Please remember me in your prayers. I am single and have been praying for a virtuous wife.

B' Shem Yahshua.
Posted by Heidi Salcedo on
What a beautiful website!!! And such a blessing to read these things. I am a believer and am striving to follow Torah. It's very difficult at times because there is no community here and no sisters to fellowship with. I have many questions. I went to a biblical Archaeology school in Israel years ago. And now try to share what I know with those around me and especially with my husband. I know women are not to be teachers, but I am the only one here who knows Torah and has studied the bible and read it completely several times. How can I make sure I'm not crossing any lines while I'm sharing these things that others don't know, including other men and women in my husbands family? ? ?
Many blessings B'Shem Yahshua Ha Mashiach!
Sister Heidi from Williams AZ
Posted by Nancy Shark on

I feel blessed to have found YAH sisters who are lovingly sharing. I was wondering where you are located. I live in Missouri, am I far from where you are? Thanks and Shalom to my new sisters who have taught me much today in Yeshua. Nancy
Posted by Bathshuwa on
Shalom Sister's I am new here; I would like to learn truth! I know who are YAHS chosen one's are. I am melanated Hewbrew Israelite child of TMH. I want to be a part of the Sisterhood. May Yahuah give you his most precious gift.
Posted by Imma Kate on
Shalom precious sisters, toda for posting all of your beautiful photos :)
with all of your lovely sewing and gorgeous happy children.
What a blessing it must be, to be able to live in community ♥
I was wondering, if any of you have a pattern for your headcovering? or can help me with directions for sewing one?
Love in Y'Shua
Posted by Bradford on
Where Can I find a Real Kodesh Woman ?
It is Soo Nice to know they Exist . . . I have the Most Respect for a True Daughter of YaHuWaH . . . . . . . The Clothing You made is More beautiful than anything at a store , Wow ! . . . . Much Love & Unity . . . . HaleluYAH !
Posted by Hope Montgomery on
Shalom Sister Roberts! I'm Exciting about this truth. I have been on this website just Praising Yahweh for placing this in my heart to find true followers of him { YAHWEH} I hope to fellowship with you real soon, since i'm only 1hr &30 mins away. Please keep me in your prayers so that i may continue on this challenging work of faith. I would love to speak with you also.

In Yahshua's Name
Sis H. Montgomery
Posted by Kinyatta ( kin Yahda) Levy on
Shalom I am a single mother in Alabama seeking the congregation of the righteous. I am resolved to being all that Abba YAHWEH has created me to be. I have no head,am unlearned, and seek to fellowship with my own kind. Please contact me asap
Posted by Hope Montgomery on
Shalom Sisters in Yahweh, I have truly been blessed yesterday by fellowshipping with a family of wonderful people. Thank you! My soul continues to cry out HALLEUYAH,
Until we meet again,

Yahweh Barak
Posted by Lynne Harris on
Shalom Sisters,

It is 4:04am in the morning. I thank you for having a site to help me in discerning how living holy is right, beneficial and demanded. I am a 60 year old widow who has searched most of my life for the truth, His name, Yahweh and Yahshua, not Jesus.

I have the truth, now what. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I would love to fellowship with other true Hebrew Israelite believers. Please pray with me. Thank you.

Lynne Harris
Posted by Aliyah Nkechi T'siyon Israel on
Shalom. I just happened upon this site as well. It touched me due to being a purebred begotten this comes naturally and was blessed to stumble across a kindred. My servitude for the children of Yah is Sovereignty, Paralegal, Grant writing, Business and non profit development. I set up Trusts, Reparations, Hebrew I'D cards, Minister to women for marriages etc
Glad to know you!
Posted by Charisma on
I enjoy your site so much I searched it everyday all day for a week straight. I have never meet any of you but I love you already. I enjoy the you tube teachings from the Pastors and they have brought a lot of clarity to me all praises to The Most High. I would love to come with my daughters one day to visit your community to see your way of life. Continue to be blessed.
Posted by Lealia Skinner on
I am grateful that Yah has guided me to this site on Dec. 12, 2015 Shabbat...I look forward in communicating with you.