Sisterhood Caring For Their Beautiful Hair

Taking care of what YAHWEH has given us!

The sisters here at Victory are learning how to ahava their hair. How we take care of our hair weekly, washing and using the right kinds of conditioners. Moisture for afro hair is very important as well as keeping the scalp clean. The hair that YAHWEH has given us is beautiful and we todah HIM for it. We do not look like the world nor do we pattern ourselves after them. Our beauty is inward and YAHSHUA is the outward beauty. We will share with you how some of our sisters here care for their lovely hair, and a few photos of different hair types.

Caring For My Hair The Natural Way

Caring for my hair is one of the natural ways I take care of myself.

Taking Care Of My Daughter's Hair

How I take care of my daughter's hair doing the winter months.

How I Take Care Of My Hair

The Sisterhood takes care of their beautiful hair that YAHWEH has given them

My Hair

Caring for my lovely hair that YAHWEH has given me.

My Hair Is Still Growing!

I enjoy caring for my hair.

Hair Update part 2

A recent update on styling and length check

Ima Fran Hair Progress

I have been working with Ima Fran hair, and it is growing long.