How I Take Care Of My Hair

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Being that my hair is long, curly, and easy to get tangled, I strive to wash my hair at least once a week. Thinking back 3 years ago, I never thought that I would ever come to love my hair in it's natural state, but I todah YAHWEH, that I am beginning to love my hair for what it is, even through the tangles, bushiness, and curls. I wash my hair with VO5 conditioner, then I rinse it out. I don't fully dry my hair, I normally just pat it enough so I don't make a mess everywhere. Last I massage whatever oil at the time that I have on my scalp, (whether it is baby oil, olive, or etc...)and  through my hair, I also use Palmer's Olive Oil Formula (Gro Therapy) I usually rub that all through my hair,and the final stage is, I put Coconut Milk Conditioner through my hair. I use a Wide-tooth comb to untangle my hair. I part it in 4 to 6 sections as I untangle it. I make sure that my ends is greased, and well moisturized. I use a stocking cap, dew rag, or a scarf to tie my hair up. I ususally tie it up 30 mintes to 2 hours, and here are the results pictured on this page. I use to think the beauty of my hair was having it pressed, or hot curled, but I wouldn't trade the beauty that YAHWEH has blessed me with no more for that, I am truly thankful to YAHWEH .


Sister La'Quiela Horne

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