Health YAHWEH's  Way

Here at Victory Community the achotee are learning how to improve our health according to the Torah. Over the years we have had many trials with what to do about our weight, and how we should exercise to be healthy. Well, some of the achotee have put their ideas together, from Torah and other resources on health. YAHWEH commands us not to be like the world, in our thinking, our dress, and even how we eat. The people of YAHWEH must set the example of how we should look. In the begining Adam and Eve did not run to the corner store for junk food, but they ate from what the grounds yeilded. We must realize that if you put junk food in, then you are going to feel, look, and even think like junk. As Daniel chose not to eat the kings meat, he is that example today. We should not be given over to the lust of food, always eating and never having enough. According to Torah YAHSHUA would go for days without eating, for the people need more than food, but spiritual feeding for their souls.

There will be monthly reports on health and exercise to help the achotee overcome their weight and health problems. It all starts with a different mind-set, that we can and shall overcome through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. There  are achotee(sisters) far and never that can help and that are willing to help us with this battle. We the daughters of Tzion shall prevail and be the examples for others to see.

We shall start with the  discipline of the mind and the ruach(spirit) this day.


There Were No Junk Foods

Sister Mariana tells testimony of taking care of our physical body

Sisterhood Health Journey

Sis. Roberts would like to invite all the achotee to a health journey.

How To Start Your Morning!

5- Steps in getting you started in the right direction.

Shalom, Shalom

Healthy lunch that is filling!

Let's Keep On Pressing!

My mind is made up to help myself first, and then I can help others.

Shabbat Shalom

Our next step to this health journey.for we are victorious!

Defeat Is From Ha-Satan

When YAHSHUA got up from the grave, HE held VICTORY in HIS hand!


Healthy drink that will satisfy your taste buds.

This Journey Is A Way Of Life!

If you have the mind of YAHSHUA there is nothing that you can not do.

Walking Is A Great Exercise!

If you find it hard to workout, try walking. If it's your first time ever doing any walking, just start out with 15 minutes a day. Then each week add 5 more minutes and YOU will see a great different in body and mind.

Taking Care Of YAHSHUA's Bayet

Being daughters of YAHWEH, we must set the pattern of what a TRUE achotee looks and walks like.

Detox, Detox, & Detox

It is very important to detox the body from daily toxins, that builds up in the body over the months and years.

10 Days Juice Feast!

The achotee at Victory Community are doing a 10 days of juice feasting, for health, weight loss, and detox.

The Second Juice Feast

This is the second juice feast for the achotee here, and we are excited!

My New Workout Program

At my age I need muscle, so I have starting lifting light weights for toning and muscle. My ish (husband) has shown me what to do and I can see a change in just Two months.

Pregnant But Still Exercising

Exercising is important

It's Time For A Cleansing!

Fall has began and it is time for an inside body cleanse.

I'm Back With Tov News!

It is very important to me to stay healthy and to exercise.

Tshuwah's Recent Weight Loss Update

It's tov, to eat healthy and excercise

Health Begins With You!

As I get older I have to make changes in my life for better health.