10 Days Juice Feast!

Starting May 1st the achotee here at Victory are staring 10 days of juice feasting. No, it is not a fast; because a fast is giving up things that you like. But, this feast of juicing is putting in tov (good) things in the body. Doing a juice feast will give the body lots of nutrients and expel the waste and toxins out of the body. Your digestive system will not have to work as hard doing this time of juicing.

Here at Victory, the daughters of YAHWEH are striving to empty out of our lives everything that is not like YAHSHUA. Our eating habits are the way of the world, and we want to eradicate it out of our lives. So we are staring a juice feast at the beginning of every month to help us get control of our eating and understand what our bodies need. We have learned that most diseases start in the belly, because of what you eat. Eating more greens and foods in its natural state is better for you. When juicing, these nutrients go straight to the blood stream,  and thats where healing our well-being begins.

At this time we here at Victory have lots of greens growing from our green-house, collards, kale, spinach, and lettuce. Most of our juices will consists of, kale, apples, celery, lemon, and  carrots. The super-foods that we add to it will be spirulina powder, organic green powder, liquid chlorophyll and 2 oz of wheat. There will be days where we may not use fruit, but greens only. If you can press and get pass day number 2, the other days will flow easily. Doing this time of juicing you will find shalom of mind, and the Ruach will lead you in the way of how you should eat daily for the rest of your life. We will drink a gallon or less of green juice a day, and as much water as you need. For those that maybe weak at the end of the day can  have 8oz of a green smoothie, no more!

Juice feasting is a discipline that will help you to overcome the lust of the flesh and any other trials in ones life. As we learn about caring for our bodies, we want to share with other believers that they too can overcome with us, as the body of YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH. We are learning to care for the body and ahava (love) the way YAHWEH has made us, Magnificent. Don't forget you still need to do light exercise. Walking, jogging, bike riding, or aerobic for 45 minutes or less. However your body leads you.

Sisterhood health Ten day juice fast

There is power in the tongue! So, speak daughter of YAH to yourself daily, that ALL things are possible to them that believe. The Truth of Torah will make you free and you shall be free indeed. The achotee in the sunflower out-fit will do the juice feast for 3 days only. Join in with us and please press and go for 3 days or the limit. We will have an excellent report for you all at the end of the juice feast!

Shabbat shalom,

Achotee Rafae-yah Yisrayah