Kodesh Dressing For The Sisterhood

Here at Victory Community the daughters of Tzion have learned to dress kodesh unto YAHWEH. The way that YAHWEH wants the daughters to dress, these clothing can not be found in stores. The daughters here have learned to make their own clothing, and most of us here make clothing for our whole family. YAHWEH has brought us out of the world, that we go not the way of the heathens.. All women that are following the Way of Righteousness, must not dress like the heathen. When sewing for yourself with the mind of YAHSHUA, you can create beautiful clothing that will please the ABBA.

Easy Maternity Jumper

This is a brief summery on how I made a quick, but yet easy maternity jumper of my own design, and of my comfort.

A Simple Look And Very Kodesh

Black , White, and Silver two piece suit

Sewing by Sister Dean

Sewing is relaxing and I enjoy making my own clothing.

Dressing My Daughters Kodash

Dressing my little girls

Sewing For My Little Girls

As a mother, I enjoy sewing for my little ones.

A Great Opportunity To Sew In The Sisterhood

Sister Joanne Honeycutt Tells About The great Opportunity To Sew In The Sisterhood

Von's Casual Wear

My casual outfit for the summer.

Sewing For My Family From The Sisterhood

Sister Latosha Tells About Sewing For Her Whole Family

Cool Summer Look

My summer outfit, created by me.

In The Orange Before YAHWEH And A Little Bit Of Blue

Two out-fits that I made for the summer.

The Excitement Of Sewing For The Family

Sister LaQuiela Horne tells her excitement of sewing for the family

Denim Jumpers

Little girls jumpers for the winter.

A New Look For My Daughter

Sister La'Quiela writes of a new design for her daughter

My Blue Denim Skirt

The solution to wearing what you want is to make it yourself. I enjoyed making my own denim skirt that was made to fit me.

Summer Kodash Dressing

Summer dressing for the tabernacle.

More Kodash Dressing For the Summer

How to dress for the tabernacle doing the summer months.

Winter Kodash Dressing At Tshuwah Communtiy

The achotee here at Tshuwah, strive daily to please YAHWEH in our dress.

Our Children's Kodash Dress

The mother's here make their children kodash clothing.