Sisters to Sisters

Beautiful lilyLearn where is wisdom, 
where is strength, where is understanding;
that you may know also where is length of days, and life,
where is the light of the eyes, and peace.

YAHWEH, which is our strength, never leaves us comfortless, for HE will be found of those that truly seek HIM. As sisters of YAHWEH, we would like to encourage, share ideas, thoughts and scriptures with other sisters.

To know of something, you must first learn of it and so it is with the sisters of YAHWEH.  The scripture says; "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But which becomes women professing righteousness with good works."

Letter from Sister Jean to sisters in Yahshua

I have gone from faith to faith trusting in the holy scriptures and it was YAHSHUA MESSIYAH'S precious blood that washed all my sins away. A letter from Sister Jean

The Fear Of YAHWEH!

Can you say, I fear YAHWEH?

Eating Raw For My Health

My health has improved 100% by eating a raw food diet

walking In Obediance

A daughter of Tzion must walk in completeness

The Blessings Of Obedience

When you obey YAHWEH He will barak you.

Daughters Must Be Doers Of The Truth

The daughters of Tzion must obey the man of YAHWEH.

Prepare For Pesach

This is a time for remembering what YAHWEH has deliver the elect, the chosen ones from.

The Feast Days

YAHWEH's feast days are upon us.

We Were Blessed (barak)!

The feast days of YAHWEH were great. The people of YAH came from the east, west ,north, and south. I met beautiful daughters of Tzion.

Instructions, The Way To Life!

Our Ima Frances is an example to the achcotee here at Victory.

Pagan Days (Traditions)

The people of YAHWEH celebrate the feast days and not these pagan holiday.

What Does YHWH Require Of You

Are We Doing All That Yhwh Requires Of Us?

According To Torah, What Does YAHWEH Expect Of Me?

As I hear Torah being preached, I know that YAHWEH is trying to keep me from this wicked generation.


We Must Bear Much Fruit

Greetings To All Daughters Of Tzion

Achokim, Daughters Of YHWH