Daughters Must Be Doers Of The Truth

YAHWEH's people must do all that HE commands and walk in the way of Torah Truth. Exodus 18:20-27 Moseh's father-in-law instructed him in how to handle the people of YAHWEH and have men of faith that feared the ABBA to help him. YAHWEH will always have men of faith, that walk in the power of YAHWEH, keeping Torah and being a peculiar people unto HIM.

How do you know that you hear the man of YAHWEH? By your obedience in righteousness. The daughters of Tzion must hearken to the voice of Truth in this hour to overcome this wicked and corrupt generation. The Torah is given to the people of YAHWEH, that we may walk and talk as YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH. YAHSHUA is the Living Torah and we must do and follow HIS path. As we diligently seek the right way, YAHWEH gives us power to subdue our corrupt flesh and to freely worship YAHWEH with all of our heart. The people of YAHWEH must come out of the world and walk in the liberty that has been given to us through YAHSHUA. Leviticus18:1-5

Keep YAHWEH's statutes and judgments and you shall live. YAHWEH chose Mosheh to guide and instruct the people in the way that they should go. The childern of Israel walked daily in the ordinances of the ABBA, and learned how to be kodash before the Almighty. Judges 7:17 YAHWEH spoke to Gideon and said, you have to many, I want the people to know that it is ME that will deliver you. YAHWEH says, that the men must look on Gideon and do as you do in order to get the victory over the enemy.

Almighty YAHWEH gives HIS people a leader to follow, a man of righteousness that we must obey according to Torah. YAHWEH gathers us,  gives us Truth, corrects us, and chastisest us for HIS name sake. Hebrews 12:8 Those that receive not the chastening of YAHWEH are bastards, and not sons of YAHWEH. The chastening of YAHWEH brings about a peaceable fruit of righteousness, that we must practice daily. Only those that are doers of the Torah are the children of YAHWEH, through the blood of YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH. Matthew 12:50

YAHSHUA was a doer of Torah Truth, and we must follow the example that has been set before us. The only way that we can please YAHWEH is by following YAHSHUA. There are men of faith that the ABBA has called to lead and guide HIS people, the flock in the right way of salvation. The daughters of Tzion must study to be quiet and to do their own business, and to work with their own hands as unto YAHWEH. If you study the Torah making yourself an example, teaching your daughters what is required of the ABBA, binding Truth about your neck daily then are you a doer of the Torah. I Thessalonians 4:11

Each day of  your life you must examine yourself and repent of your deeds, that you must not fall short of obeying the Torah. We must be stedfast in all things, keeping our mind sober, watching and praying always. YAHSHUA shall come for the righteous, those that walk in the spirit, pure in heart, and doers of the Torah Truth.


Sister Roberts


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