Eating Raw For My Health

My health has improved 100% by eating a raw food diet.

Sister Jean in the Greenhouse with the children eating raw greensBy eating 100% raw foods my health has improved drasticly. My skin has a glow and I have more energy to meet the need of my daily activities. I have been eating this way for 3 1/2 years, not always 100%, but for the most part I have. I have sometimes given in to popcorn or bread, but I feel the effects of it in a short time. By eating the bread and popcorn I feel sick right away. I am learning that it is not worth giving into the lust of my flesh. You will also learn that by eating a raw food diet you can maintain a healthy weight.

I started having problems with my health at the age of fifty. I had no energy and my bones felt like they were going to break in two. I met a lady in Michigan about 5 years ago and I remembered some of the things she shared with me about eating raw foods. I started searching the web with my husband. My husband bought books on how others ate a raw food diet and how their health had improved. I would read the material's over and over trying to get it in my mind and in my heart. Alissa Cohen and Paul Nison have excellent books on how to go raw and how to stay on a raw food diet.These books also have recipes that you need to know, how to stay on a raw food diet.

sister jean green house and beanieeI start my day with two 8oz glasses of water at room temperature and thirty minutes later I will have one 4oz glass of wheat grass juice. About 10:00 A.M. I will have a glass of green juice and a piece of fruit. I like pears and bananas. For dinner I will have a green smoothie or a large kale salad with sprouts, celery, cucumbers and avocado dressing. I do not eat after six o'clock, but before then I will have a handful of raw cashews or raw pecans.The nuts are a weakness that I must overcome, they are a good source of fat, but can also be too much fat. By the end of the day I will have drank 64oz's. of water. Water is very important for flushing the waste out of the body. This way of eating keeps me healthy and my body is able to fight off sicknesses and diseases. My body is alkaline so there is no acid for diseases to feed on. Eating greens such kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, collards, and dandelion greens are super foods. Eating these greens in their raw state will energize your body and flush out toxins and un-wanted waste. I eat a very simple diet each day, the only time I have a special meal is on holidays or when friends come to visit. Raw pizza, carrot cake, walnut pate, and cheese cake are my favorites. My family loves my green smoothies. The green smoothie consists of two handfuls of spinach, two bananas,and a handful of grapes. I am fifty three years of age and eating this way helps me to keep up with my grand-children. I walk 4 miles in the morning and 3 to 4 miles in the evening. This way of eating takes discipline, and determination. This raw food diet has brought clarity to my mind and a strength to my inter being. It is a joy to know how to eat for my health and not just for pleasure. Todah YAHWEH for my husband and all of his support and his love towards helping me.



Posted by John on
I love your video and I really share your enhtusiasm for raw! I am vegan and have recently decided to try a raw food lifestyle, partly for health and partly because I had recently gained 7 pounds which was odd because for years, I could eat whatever I wanted and not? gain any weight. I started at 50 % but now have been 80 % for about a week or two and I love it. I don't really even want cooked food, I could do 100 % easily but I am allowing a window for Holidays, parties etc. And I lost the 7 lbs
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