Instructions, The Way To Life

Elder Sister Giving Younger Daughter InstructionIn this walk of life you must grow in knowledge and understanding. YAHWEH gives HIS elect ones a leader that will instruct in Truth and Righteousness. As women of faith following Torah Truth we should be examples one to another, and our older Sisters must set the pattern. Titus 2: 1-15 says, that the aged women should instruct the younger daughters how they should keep their life before YAHWEH. We are in a generation that will not take heed to instruction. Proverbs 8:32-33 says, HEAR instruction and be made wise.

Our Ima Frances is truly an example to the achotee here at Victory, wherever she goes. She is always working with her hands, never idol and she will do whatever needs to be done. Our Ima is 68 years young and she is not tired yet. Whenever a daugther is doing a chore she will assist in every way to show her how it should be done. She has been faithful in her walk to please YAHWEH. Ima Frances has been with us for over twenty-five years  and she has been steady all the way.  One year ago Ima Frances fell ill, and the man of YAHWEH told her what to do, and she obeyed. To this day Ima Frances is in tov ( good) health, she walks twice a day and works as hard as any young achotee here.

Instructing the achotee in this place has been Ima Frances's job, and she has set the pattern for us all.  Truly she is the Ima that has taken heed to instruction according to Torah and by her faithfulness, YAHWEH will reward her accordingly. Matthew 12: 48-50 says, who is my mother (Ima)?  Those that obey the Torah and strive to walk in ALL Truth.

Shalom, shalom




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