YAHWEH's Feast Days

YAHWEH's feast days are upon us, are you ready? In the Scriptures Leviticus 23:1-44, it tells the people of YAHWEH what days we must keep as a memorial unto HIM. Feast of Trumpets starts September 10, Day of  Atonement September 19, Feast of Tabernacles-Sukkoth September 24-30, and The Last Great Day October 1. At Tshuwah Community we honor Torah as the man-of-YAHWEH instructs us in the righteous way. When we come together to celebrate YAHWEH's feast days, there is great preaching from the men-of-YAHWEH, excellent fellowship, and tov food to enjoy. The People of YAHWEH will be gathering from the north, south, east, and west to honor YAHWEH and YAHSHUA, to show obedience to ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. We must teach our children all things according to Torah Truth, that the Scripture may be fulfilled. As we gather we will share the great things that YAHWEH has done for us and how our minds are being transformed by Torah Truth. There must be a difference between the People of YAHWEH and the people of Ha-Satan. We must walk in a very discipline way as YAHSHUA.

As we hear Truth, we must, and I mean must walk therein. YAHSHUA shall return for the faithful stewards of Torah. MattiYAH 25:23

The stewards of YAHWEH must proclaim and declare the kodash feast days and teach them to their children. For YAHWEH has chosen HIS men servants to instruct the people of YAH, to keep and to guide us in all the right way of Torah Truth.

Shalom, shalom,

Sister Roberts


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i so would like for my daughter and i to be with other women of Yahweh for the upcoming feast days the true sisterhood. Would you consider praying for us to have this privilege. I would also like for us to experience being in the presense of the true elders of the church.
Janice for Cecilia and I
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