We Were Blessed (Barak) !

I todah YAH for the feast days and sukkot, because it is a great gathering of like minded people keeping  Torah Truth. Meeting achotee (sisters) in YAHSHUA was a blesssing and I truly was lifted up in ruach(spirit). Making ready the meals and the guest houses took a lot of effort and mind planning. Todah YAH for faithful sisters in the sisterhood.

Each feast day was excellent and YAHWEH truly barak(blessed) HIS elect ones. There were many ideas and recipes exchanged. Aged women encouraging the young achotee(sisters) in Truth and righteousness. The fellowship of daughters of Tzion is truly beautiful, the only thing that was exalted was YAHWEH in YAHSHUA and the power of HIS might. YAHWEH feast days are for the gathering of HIS people that we may exalt HIM and teach our little ones about the Mighty Creator. That we can live a set-apart life unto YAHWEH and fulfill all of Torah, overcoming the evil one, Satan. 

The trumpet was blown in IsraYAH and all the kodash ones gathered to hear and obey what was spoken to the children of IsraYAH. How we must not turn from doing that which is righteous to do according to Torah. The children of YAH are looking for a house not made by hand, so we are preparing our mind and lev(heart) to please YAHWEH. YAHWEH is restoring the lev(heart) of everyone that follows and obey Torah truth. YAHWEH is gathering HIS kodash ones from the east, west, north, and south, to restore all things back to HIMSELF. We must always remember the feast days of YAHWEH, that we all can be restored in these last and evil days. And as we hear the trumpet blow we will hide ourself in YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH until all things be fulfilled.

Shalom, shalom,

Sis. Roberts


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