A Pure Kodesh Woman of YAHWEH

When a woman says that she loves YAHWEH  with her mouth, there must be righteous fruit within and on the outside. You must keep the commandments of YAHWEH and love the Torah, which is Truth. When you study the Torah it instructs us on how we should talk, how we should live daily, how a true daughter of Tzion-a woman of the Sisterhood in YAHWEH should dress, how we should study to be quiet, and how we should work with ours hands unto YAHWEH.  When we obey all these things, truly we can say that our price as being a daughter of Tzion is far above rubies.


A Sister to the Sisterhood

Sister Jean's writes on living at Victory Community with the Saints of YAHWEH is truly a blessing.

YAHWEH's Mercy Endureth Forever

The Mercy And Compassion Of YAHWEH, Faileth Not For His People

Being Taught The Ways Of YAHWEH

YAHWEH Teaches Us HIS Ways

Sisterhood Fellowship

Sisters Gather Together

Sister's Fellowship In The Sisterhood

A Brief Summary, Of The Sisters Fellowship Time Together

A Faithful Woman Of YAHWEH Seventy Years And Still Going!

Ima SabaYah, over the years has proved herself faithful unto YAHWEH. An example for all women of Troah to follow.