Collection Of Recipes From The Sisterhood

Enjoying And Sharing Recipes

We all can benefit from the Blessings of Almighty YAHWEH. He blesses our hands that we may use them for HIS honor and praise. O taste and see that YAHWEH is good  (tov) barak is the man that trust in HIM.

We as sisters are blessed to cook. YAHWEH has blessed us with food to cook. We in return will give HIM thanks by preparing meals that are healthy and nutritional. Eating healthier does not mean that food has to taste bad.

I would like to share with you a few recipes we prepare at Victory Community. I hope you will try them out. Let us know how you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions that may  enchance our recipes, we would like to know. Perhaps you made a substitution let us know how it worked.

Lets share our recipes, and cooking knowledge with one another.

Below are recipes that I share with you from the Sisterhood at Victory Community.


Sister Revonda.

Soups & Salads





Feast Days Menu

Measurements and Substitutions

Since all recipes require measurements and often substitutions it is nice to have them available and at hand to use.

Helpful Hints and Tips In Cooking

Have you ever wondered what to do when you are cooking and you are not sure how to enhance the dish. We invite you to take a look at some helpful hints and tips that we suggest and others have suggested in making your day in the kitchen flow smoothly.

Canning Foods

Canning food can be exciting although lots of work may be required. You can preserve food for the future by canning in jars, or freezing and packing it in the freezer; or dehydrating and vacuum sealing or storing in a cool place.

Energy drink

Health drink that will get you going and boost your energy.

Red Bell Pepper Hummus

Chick peas sprouted with bell pepper.

Oatmeal Wonderful

Oatmeal prepared with fruit.

Pinto Bean Salsa Burger

Try tasting your pinto beans in a different way, you can enjoy it as a burger. It is simple and easy to do.

Vegetable Chicken Salad

You can cheer up your normal chicken salad by adding a few chopped tomatoes, corn, and noodles. It makes a delicious cold salad.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken is a wonderful dish to make, and it is very easily to do.

Tomato Chili w/ Taco Nut Meat

This is a raw food dish that is great for the summer months.

Raw Almond Milk

This milk is better for you then cow's milk, which YAHWEH did not intent for us to drink!

Five Flavor Pound Cake

A pound cake that has five flavors that makes it very yummie!

Raw Strawberry & Banana Ice Kream

Ice kream made without milk!