A Righteous Mother

When a daughter truly wants to be a righteous mother, she must be instructed by an aged woman of YAHWEH. YAHWEH has women that have obeyed the Torah and have walked the way of righteousness unto HIM. A kodesh mother loves her husband, and her children, she is discreet, chaste, keeper of the home and obedient to her own husband.  When a mother sets her heart to please YAHWEH, HE will order her steps aright and keep her in the right path. ( Titus2:2-5)

Buy Of Me Gold Tried By The Fire

Sister Libby on Trust in YAHWEH with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding Mishle (Proverbs) 3:5.

Raising My Childern Within The Community

Being a young mother in a community setting.

Mother Frances

Aged Mother walking in Truth

Raising Chidren Picture Gallery

A collection inspiring photos taking of the children being raised here at Victory Community.

There's Strength in Obedience

Ima Frances walking by faith.

Keeping The Shabbat With Children

Is it possible, can it be done?