Community Living

by the sisters at Victory Community


Victory's Dinner

A time of fellowship, food and dance

The Wonderful Time Of Sukkot 2010

The blessed (barak) time we had during Sukkot 2010

Pastor Head Cook

Pastor cooks for the kidushims once a month at Tshuwah Community

A NEW Achotte At Tshuwah

A new achotee at Tshuwah Community, and we all enjoy her!

The Achotee Gathering During Sukkot!

The fellowship with the achotee during Sukkot was beautiful.

Tshuwah's New Guitar Player In The Making!

Little Yishay enjoys playing his guitar that his parents just got him.

To Become A Child

Unless we become a child we cannot enter the Kingdom

Bountiful Winter Harvest!

YAHWEH truly baraked the hands of our Raah , we have much to todah YAH for!!

Tshuwah's New Addition

Arrival Of Little Yahrahmeyah

Tshuwah Community Latest Update

The latest update from Tshuwah Community