A NEW Achotee At Tshuwah

Our NEW achotee at Tshuwah is a bundle of joy! She is sweet and everyone delights in holding her. She is 8 weeks old and her name is Keilah Raine. YAHWEH has Barak her parents, Awkh Yah-bean, and his is Ish-shaw with her. As her Ima moves about in the kitchen Keilah watches her every move, to make sure that Ima does't go to far. The color that compliments her the most is pink, I know what you are thinking, but pink is truly her color. She is filling out very well and she knows who Daddy is. So hot off the press, Keilah Raine is the new excitment at Tshuwah and we ALL enjoy her!

Sukkot is in a few weeks and we hope to see new faces at Tshuwah. The joy of having people to come and fellowship, is like a new baby being born unto you. Raising children can be a delight and sometimes heart aches, but through YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH we can over-come them all. As we grow in faith it is imparted in our children as Torah commands. Deut 4:9-10

When you truly delight in Torah Truth you will delihgt in teaching your little ones what YAHWEH commands!

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