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Here at Tshuwah Community, Pastor Roberts takes delight in cooking for the kidushims once a month. He prepares his meats two days in advance, for grilling and marinading his meats. He has special recipes that he does not share with the cooks here. He takes great delight in cooking for the People of YHWH. He also prepares something for the people who does not eat meat. All of our little ones enjoy eating Pastor's wonderful and tasteful delicacies. Everytime  Pastor cooks, everyone leaves with a smile, and a full belly. Brother Alan, the technition always assist him with the grilling, and he's also one of the taste testers.  Many years ago Pastor Roberts use to cook for us all, but stop.  But now he has promise to cook for us once a month. pastor turkey09.jpg

Pastor Roberts really enjoys preparing meats for the kidushims and I his wife enjoy assisting him.

So the next time you visit Tshuwah Community call and make sure you here on the day that Pastor Roberts cooks.


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Achotee at Tshuwah 


Posted by Thomas on
II'm 25 earth years, but wisdom exceeds age. I'm Immortal having a mortal experience. I ran away from the Most High Yahweh numerous times. I had to become All things for Overstanding. My name is "Thomas (Ahrmaic: Twin)..The "Doubting" biblical Thomas was the only one who did not accept miracles by ear. He had to see & feel for Himself(That's how I Am). Yahweh frequency proved itself to me on 12/24/2013. I had my ascension stone on my throat & raw Labradorite clinch in left fist. Became one with Breath & before I knew it: I tapped directly into the Rainbow PULSATION of light within my essence. That pulsation of light emitted the Sound Vibrational Signature: "YAH..WEH" over & over. No other frequency did I hear except YAH-WEH. I KNOW of 12 Elohim (Mighty Ones) by way of camping experience in the Arizona Wilderness. I know there are many dimensional realms & dietys(DMT Experience), but I cleave to YAH-WEH EL ELYON as the MOST HIGH above ALL gods. The Frequency proved itself to me, within me. I recently received on 3/5/14: "The Ancient Mysteries Of Melchizedek: By Melchizedek Y Lewis (On Very Powerful manual I will be soaking up & exercising in these last days of the Babylonian Whorish Empires. It deals with powerful hand gestures & ancient Hebrew Idioms of power. THOUGHT & SOUND becomes light. It notes we must be responsible for our speech, cause our words are formations of light that happen within us as we speak. So to curse one is to curse oneself. Life & death in the power of the tongue. YAHWEH is the Qadash Pulsation of light particles of the Entire creation. Why I claim such? Cause since I heard that frequency within me & then I apply the universal law: "As within, So without"; then that's the same frequency emitting throughout the entire essence of creation regardless if one acknowledges it/not. MAN KNO THYSELF TO KNOW UNIVERSE RIGHT? Right..YOD HAY WAW HAY: To BE, YAH was, is & all ways will BE~
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