The Achotee Gathering During Sukkot!

IMG_0234.JPGShabbat shalom to all the achotee of YAH, for Almighty YAHWEH has been tov to us. Well the Feast Days of YAH have come and gone, so now it is time to plan for Pesach. The achotee here at Tshuwah enjoy preparing for the people of YAH. YAHWEH has barak us here in doing what Torah teaches, working with each other and caring for each other. Torah teaches us to have ahava one for the other. As we strive to walk in All Torah Truth we die out to ourself daily. For we know that we must redeem the time, because the days are evil. We must follow YAHSHUA as dear children and in ahava, even as YAHSHUA walked in ahava.IMG_2983.JPG

It is truly beautiful to see how excellent the achotee can fellowship in harmony. Here are some pictures of the achotee. The oldest among us is 87 years old and our Ima SabaYah with the little ones around her.IMG_0239-1.JPG