The Wonderful Time We Had During Sukkot 2010

And many people shall go and say, Come you,and let us go up to the mountain of YAHWEH, to the bayet (house) of the ABBA of Yaacob: and HE will teach us of HIS ways, and we will walk in HIS paths: for out of Tzion shall go forth the Torah, and the Word of YAHWEH from Yerushalem. O bayet (house) of Yaacob come you, and let us walk in the Light of YAHWEH.

(Isaiah 2:3,5)

 Sukkoth 2010, has now come and gone.Preparing for Sukkoth was a busy time for Tshuwah Community, but an excitement too. Hearing the Word being preached, the time of fellowship,etc.. but ooooh!! what a blessed (barak) time we had meeting new sisters, seeing familiar faces once again, was very inspiring. It was a joy to meet: Ima Jessie Allen, Sister Shiphrah, Sister Hadara, Sister Darla, Sister Danesha, Sister Moriah, Sister Mariana, Sister Jeanie from Augusta, and many others, to name a few. Also it was a joy to see the familiar faces once again like: Sister Thomas, Sister Michaela, Sister Velma, Sister Yada, Sister Nancy, Sister Jackie, and others. It is truly a blessing to meet sisters of like precious emunah (faith). 

We also had a Wedding Feast, of  two young virtuous people, Brother Jason, and Sister Jaquetta, who waited on each other, kept themselves pure, until that day. it was something worth seeing.

Serving  the kidushims was quite a joy. Seeing how everyone enjoyed the food was pleasant to see. As this Sukkoth is now gone, we are now planning for next Sukkoth. It seems that each Sukkoth gets better and sweeter every time.


Sister La'Quiela Horne