Victory's Dinner

A Time Of Fellowship, Food, And Dance

See some of the photos of the dinner

In the month of May" 09", here at Victory Community, some of our sisters planned a Candlelight Dinner. It was a very nice time, where all the kidushims dressed up in their best and nice attire, and also a time where all came together and a blessed time of fellowship, and unity.

The sisters went to work at preparing for the dinner. The majority of them sewed outfits for the dinner, and some made outfits for their husbands and their children also. 

Everyone had candles on their tables, and their tables were decorated  very nicely. Some had sparkling cider, and some had sparkling grape juice. The dinner was very nice, and full of delicious things to eat, including wonderful desserts too.

The children gathered together and sang a song that goes like this:

We are one in YAHSHUA

We are joined as one

As our hearts knit together

As we ahavah (love) each other

So we are the family in YAH

We are the family in YAH

Victory Family Dinner Pastor Roberts Dancing with his wife

A short while after that, we played a song titled "Rejoice In YAHWEH" and Pastor Roberts and his wife, Sister 

Jean Roberts did a kodesh dance together before the kidushims, which we all very much enjoyed.


At 7:00 p.m. we had prayer, a time of praying, rejoicing, and singing praises in the Tabernacle of YAHWEH. And so was the ending of our Candlelight Dinner here at Victory Community. HalleluYAHWEHAs the dinner was coming to a close, everyone scattered around here and there in happy fellowship, one with the other chattering, with happiness . Alas dinner was over and everyone went to their quiet places of abode, to rest and relax.

Please keep in contact with YAHWEH's, for coming real soon on August "16," 2009, there will be another dinner, and the theme of this dinner will be " A Day To Remember"



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