Working With Our Hands

Sisters work with hands to beautifyBecause of the faithfulness of a daughter of Tzion, YAHWEH will barak her hands with many talents. In this community we have daughters that are gifted with their hands. Sewing, designing our own patterns, and cooking great meals, even Raw meals. YAHWEH has given HIS children work to keep our minds from being idle. As we obey the man of YAHWEH that YAHWEH has placed over us, that whatever we put our minds to, we CAN DO through YAHSHUA! (I Corinthians4:12, I Thess 4:11).





The Sisterhood In YAHSHUA With Busy Hands

Working with our hands when it is cold.

Come Dine With YAHWEH

An artical by Sister Dean on cooking for the saints of YAHWEH

A New Cook

Sister Ebony writes on being a new cook.

YAHWEH Is Pleased When I Quilt

Sister LeQuela writes on how YAHWEH has given her a willing mind and heart to learn how to quilt.

Shalom To The Women Of Faith

Sister Jean writes to strengthen you sister of faith, Commit your works unto YAHWEH, and your thoughts shall be established.

Sewing With My Hands

Sister Latosha a young daughter of Tzion, writing about sewing with my hands unto YAHWEH.

A Willing Heart To Please YAHWEH

Here at Victory Community, ABBA YAHWEH, has blessed Sister La'Quiela with the gift of being able to work willingly with her hands.

Train Up A Child In YAHWEH's Way

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it Mishle (Proverbs) 22:6.

For Your Baby with Love

Sister Latosha gives step-by-step instructions on how to make baby diapers that she designed for her little one, Jesse.

Sewing For My Husband

The Joys Of Sewing For My Husband

Teaching Our Young Ones To Cook In The Kitchen

Training our young ones the excitement of cooking in the kitchen