For Your Baby with Love

by Sister Latosha

Making home-made diapers is a loving way to provide an essential for your baby and save money too.

Diaper Made with Love.JPG

I decided to make baby diapers when I realizedhow much money I could save! I spent so much money buying Pampers for Jesse in just one month, that I knew there had to be a cheaper way! Hence, the home-made diapers! Cloth diapers do cost, but unlike Pampers you can reuse them, over and over again.

Making these diapers were so much fun, and they were also very easy! I got the shape from a pair of rubber pants; they had velcro on them so you could adjust them.


Here's what you will need to make 12 diapers:

A roll of ¼ inch elastic
A pack of cloth diapers
1 yard of fabric
A thin vinyl shower curtain


The cost of materials:

Fabric $1.50 /yd
Elastic 88¢ per roll
Pack of diapers $13.00
Vinyl shower curtain $1.00
Velcro $14.00 for a large box


Steps to make:

1.Cut all your cloth diapers in the same shape, use the same shape pattern to cut out identical pieces from the fabric that you choose, and from the vinyl shower curtain.
2.Sew vinyl and diaper together with zig zag stitch.
3.Sew your fabric to the diaper on top of the vinyl. Make sure the right side of the fabric is facing out.
4.Sew elastic around leg holes.
5.Sew velcro on top sides of front and back.

When you have finished these steps, you have a cloth diaper for your baby made with love, by you!