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s_ebonyt.jpgYAHWEH has allowed me to be a helping hand in the kitchen. It has been a blessing to cook here at Victory Community. YAHWEH  has granted me this blessing for about a year now. What a joy it is to serve my sisters and brothers, and I bless Almighty YAHWEH. I feel that cooking brings me and the sisters together. I cook with Sister La'Quiela who also loves to cook. Our friendship through YAHWEH grows stronger each time we cook. I bless YAHWEH for her, and the saints here at Victory Community.

YAHWEH bless you

Sister Ebony 




Posted by Jessie Allen on
Shalom My Daughter Ebony,
Missing you all already, The sisters really made me feel like I truely belong there, Yahweh has truely bless the sisters there with loving kindness and joy that only abba can give.
If there is discord or unforgiveness I did not hear or see any, most times women can't and don't want to get alone they mostly talk against each other, I barak abba for the sisers there. I saw nothing like that, now I understand that we don't always get alone , but I belive that the sisters there do as the scripture say, if you have anything against another sister I belive you all would go to that person and get it right, I belive that. I lone to have some one here like that most these women get upset if you try to talk to them about anything torah says that will correct them, I toda abba for you all.
Well my little niece jest came in I'll e-mail the other sisters later, shalom
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