The Joys Of Sewing For My Husbandman

Greetings in the Name of YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH. I wanted to share alittle with you about how I sew for my huband. Dressing alike was and is something that I've always liked doing with my husband. Then when my daughter came along, there were at times when I didn't have enough fabric to make my husband and I something alike, so with the remnants that I had left, I would use it to make my daughter and him something alike. At times sewing for my husband can be very tedious, and quite time consuming, but it is something that I really enjoy doing, knowing that I made it especially for the one I love (ahavah) with my own hands, and that makes me happy. To make Deacon Horne an outfit, it takes 7 yards of material. I buy the fabric for him at Wal-mart mostly when I see it at $1.50, or $2.00 a yard. And there I get my thread, zipper, buttons, and whatever basic nessesities that I need to make his outfit, for the majority of the stuff that I need I can find it there. It takes me roughly about 5 to 6 days to make Deacon Horne an outfit, and that is me taking my time having him trying it on every few steps that I sew, to make sure that it fits right. Deacon Horne really enjoys dressing up in his new outfits once it is totally completed. I will say at times I've sewed with different types of fabric, and things just didn't turn out as planned, there's been times that I've had tears and wanted to toss it in the corner somewhere and just forget about it, but with the help of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, He gave me the patience and endurance to finish what I have started, and I was very pleased with the finished product. I truly barak ABBA YAHWEH for His Help and with that I willl continue to sew for my husband, and daughter as long as YAHWEH gives me the strength to do so. I also want to todah YAHWEH for my precious Ima (Sister Jean) and also Sister Latosha for their help in showing me how to sew for it something I enjoy greatly.

Shalom, shalom       Sister La'Quiela Horne

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