The Sisterhood In YAHSHUA With Busy Hands

Sisters At Work With Thier Hands 016.jpgToday is very cold and this mornings low was 28 degrees. Here at Victory Community the cold weather does not  stop the Sisters from being creative and busy with our hands. Some of us here have been crocheting and knitting and I am learning also how to crochet. In the scriptures it says in Proverbs 31:10 A virtouous woman does work willingly with her hands. Her mind is steadfast on Torah Truth, how she must please ABBA YAHWEH. In the evenings some of us gather together to crochet and knit and put out thoughts together on how to beautifiy the community and plan lovingly dinners. Each month the Sisters plan a Candle Light Dinner where we all dress in our best kodash clothing and have a great meal prepared by the Sisterhood. We also gather and discuss our victory's and our battles once a month and we encourage one another to press as YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH did. We haved learned that as daughters of Tzion we must stand strong and truly ahavah each other as YAHSHUA has ahavah us. There is nothing that we put our minds to that we cannot accomplish. We pray and fast together that we give not room to the devil in our lives.

Shalom, shalom