Through YAHWEH We Help Each Other Through Difficulties

by Sister Jaquetta

s-jaquetta_10-30t.jpgMy name is sister Jaquetta. I cook  breakfast in the  kitchen at Victory Community on Day 2- (Monday) and Shabat Day 7-(Saturday) with my friend, Sister Catara. I am blessed to be one of the young cooks who can prepare food for the Saints of YAHWEH. It is not a hard task and at times it can be lots of fun.

As Sister Catara and I work together our friendship grows. By us being the same age, we have a lot in common. We are able to help each other through difficulties.

I would like to end this by encouraging you to be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of YAHWEH; for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in YAHWEH.

In YAHWEH's love,

Sister Jaquetta


Posted by Jessie Allen on
Laquetta!!!!!! How are you, I've beening thinking about you, praying that you are well, please , forgive me , I ask Latosha on her page about you, cause I didn't know you had one. Just looking at the wedding pictures I miss you all so very, very much. Meeting you all for the first time ,yet it feels like I've left my family behind. I don't like this feeling!!, That lets me know that you all are my family. My prayers are always with the people of Yahweh as I also prayer that the people who don't know abba will learn of His tovness. Now I've expressed so much emotion, but I want you to know that I trust always in abba Yahweh and He is My Joy Always. We as women are so emotinoal, at my age 58 I'm yet very, very emotional and pray more for me to abba, wicked thing that I am,
Praying that you are better!!! May Abba Yahweh Barak
Posted by Patty on
Keep these articles coming as they've opeend many new doors for me.
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