I'm Back With Tov News!

Sisters-exercise-06.JPGYAHWEH has been tov to me! HE has given me understanding on how to care for my body. As I get older my ideas and thoughts change for the better. I have not been running during these cold months, because I've had problems with my knees. I have been working out in my home with weights and exercise dvds. I have gotten GREAT results. Some of the achotee here have also started working out with me in the evening. We really enjoy the workout, and the fellowship with each other is awesome. For the next two months we are changing our diet to a more healthy one. No, junk food! For YAHWEH did not create junk foods for us to eat. He gave us a simple diet to follow, that will keep us until we die. We are focusing on eating only twice a day as YAHWEH fed HIS children when HE bought them out of Egypt. 

In Torah the book of Daniel, tells how he ate, he chose not to eat like the King and his subjects. We must, and I mean must stop acting, thinking, and eating like the world. YAHSHUA is our example, are we truly following HIM according to Torah? Here is a picture of the achotee that are striving to make a change to save their life in YAHSHUA. We also are training our little ones the disciplines that patterns after YAHSHUA the Living Torah. 1 Kings 17:4-6 tells how YAHWEH fed HIS prophet EliYah. Exodus 16:12 YAHWEH provided food for HIS prophet and it was not junk food.

 Our six day routine, which starts on the first day through Friday. We workout 40 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening. Using the weights 3 days a week and cardio 4 days. The days that we workout with weights, we do it for 20 minutes, and then do cardio for 30 to 40 minutes. The dvds that we use are: The biggest loser, Billy Blanks advance cardio, Turbo Jam, Prevention big weight loss, Gilad w/Bodies in motion, and Tracey Long w/leaning out. Using these different exercises will give you some great results! 

Always remember, there must be a difference in the people of YAHWEH and the people of the world, they are consumed with the lust of their belly.

Shalom, shalom,

Achotee RafaeYahSisters-exercise-13.JPG