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Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion: for, lo, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of you, saith YAHWEH. And the Sisters of YAHWEH wrote letters in like manner.


When a woman says that she loves YAHWEH with her mouth, there must be righteous fruit within and on the outside. You must keep the commandments of YAHWEH and love the Torah, which is truth. When you study the Torah it instructs us on how we should talk, how we should live daily, how a true daughter of Tzion-a woman of the Sisterhood in YAHWEH should dress, how we should study to be quiet, and how we should work with ours hands unto YAHWEH. When we obey all these things, truly we can say that our price as being a daughter of Tzion is far above rubies.


When a daughter truly wants to be a righteous mother, she must be instructed by an aged woman of YAHWEH. YAHWEH  has women that have obeyed the Torah and have walked the way of righteousness unto HIM. A kodesh mother loves her husband, and her children, she is discreet, chaste, keeper of the home and obedient to her own husband.  When a mother sets her heart to please YAHWEH, HE will order her steps aright and keep her in the right path. ( Titus2:2-5).


For our body is the bayed of YAHWEH, HIS dwelling place, so would you put anything and everything in it? YAHWEH has given us charge over this vineyard for a season, so when YAHSHUA returns how will HE find your vineyard?  If you over eat continually and have no control, then you are not caring for the vineyard. If you do not do some kind of exercise daily, then you are not caring for the vineyard. If you eat junk-foods all the time, then you are not caring for the vineyard. For YAHSHUA traveled many places and HE did not stop at the corner store for potato chips and a sodas. As Daniel did not eat the kings meat, nor drink the wine for ten days. Daniel's countenance was more fairer then those who ate the king's food. YAHWEH'S people must be disciplined in every aspect of our life, as the people of YAHWEH we must have self-control. Collectively, as the Sisterhood in YAHWEH, we can help each other to become more faithful stewards of our Tabernacle that is our bodies. YAHSHUA has shed HIS blood that we can be over-comers and walk a victorious life before other. ( Daniel 1:8-15, I Corinthians 6:19, 1Corinthians 3:16&17).


Because of the faithfulness of a daughter of Tzion, YAHWEH will barak her hands with many talents. In this community we have daughters that are gifted with their hands. Sewing, designing our own patterns, and cooking great meals, even Raw meals. YAHWEH has given HIS children work to keep our minds from being idle. As we obey the man of YAHWEH that YAHWEH has placed over us, that whatever we put our minds to, we CAN DO! (I Corinthians4:12, I Thess 4:11).


Throughout the scriptures the Word of YAHWEH speaks concerning the natural and the spiritual daughters of Zion. YAHWEH has blessed us so much here at YAHWEH's Victory Community with an abundance of the rich anointing of YAHWEH's gifts of helps. The daughters of Zion rejoice with trembling, yet in the joy of our ABBA (FATHER'S) blessings, we would like to share some of our different areas of labor of love that we administer to the saints here.

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