Sisterhood In YAHSHUA

Victory Community is a place where the Hand of YAHWEH is. This is were the people of YAH are striving daily to keep Torah Truth. The Sisterhood here strives daily to be at shalom and to work willing with our hands as the Torah commands. There are aged Sisters that instruct the younger daughters of Tzion, that they are to honor their husband, to teach their little ones, and to be keepers of their homes. As woman of faith, we obey them that have the rule over us and we study Torah as we are taught. We share our victory's and our down falls. YAHWEH has given us many talents and gifts that we can share with each other and other that we meet.
Our desire here in this place as the Sisterhood is to walk as YAHSHUA HA MESSIYAH and to obey all of Torah Truth. There must be a difference in the people of YAHWEH and the people of the world.

Shalom, shalom