Sewing With My Hands

By Sister Latosha

As a young daughter of Tzion I love to sew with my hands and do it for others at the community.

Sis Latosha Makes Orange Jumper.JPG

My name is Sister Latosha, and I am one of the seamstresses at Victory Community. I began sewing at the age of 15, making dresses for myself. My first garment was not wearable, but that did not discourage me! I kept on making dresses, skirts, and shirts. Now the clothes that I make are very, very nice. Knitting, and crocheting I enjoy too, but sewing is my favorite. I can make just about anything I set my mind to do.YAHWEH has baraked my hands since the first day that I started to sew.

I am seven months pregnant and there is nothing in the stores that is kodesh for me to wear. So I have been making my maternity clothes. Being able to sew for myself is one of the greatest gifts YAHWEH has baraked my hands to do. I create dresses and skirts to wear all the time. My husband and I often dress alike when we go on trips, or when going to the tabernacle for worship service. Our Pastor always tells us that YAHWEH wants the daughters of Tzion to keep our hands busy. Sewing is one way to do just that, so try it. Make something for yourself, your child or your husband, you might like it. Then you might just want to keep on sewing, just like me.


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Posted by Jessie Allen on
Shalom,shalom Sister Latosha,
Missing my family there each and every day, Elder Jerome and I talk of you all much. How is the newly wedds, I heard that she was ill, our prayers are always for our brothers and sisters all over the world. Please let Her know that I ask about her.
I like that color on you, pray with me that I too began to sew, I love crocheting and coming up with quick dishes to cook that don't take long. Well hug every ima and sister for me ,
Yahweh Barak!
Posted by Yiska on
Sister Latosha,

Blessed Sister, I hope this letter finds you and your community doing well. The sisterhood website has been such a blessing to me. I am a mother of 8 (2-18) and have learned so much, blessed be YAHWEH for family in the walk of Torah.

I send this letter to you because I have some questions in regards to sewing.

I am a size 16-18 in a blue jean long skirt. I wear large tops. I am about a size 'c' in a bra.

I want to start making my own clothes, long dresses like the one you are wearing in the picture above, also long skirts and long sleeve shirts that come past my hips almost to my knees, with matching skirt underneath. How do you make your own patterns????

I have daughters age 2T and 3-4T who I would love to make dresses for and skirts. Also, my daughters who are 9 (size 14 in tops and 12-14 girls in skirts), 12 , 14 (size 3) S junior sizes, 17 (size 1) XS junior sizes.

I hope this doesn't overwhelm you, I o so do apologize. We live in Kentucky and finding a community that believes as we do, such as you all is very hard. Please keep us in your prayers. My husband has found no job, and i am trying to make ways to make money and he is trying to find a job. We so want to see everything we have and find where YAHWEH would have us.

We just want a more simpler life. Raising our children for the Father and His word. Keep us in your prayers. My husband name is Spencer (Obed), My name is Yiska, Kayla 17, Emily 14, Josiah 12, Hannah 11, Talia 9, Joseph 7, Ariana 3, and Toshiana 2 also my step sons who are Markeyse 11 and RiShawn 22 (they do not live with us)

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you all soon, MAY YAHWEH CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ALL, from a sister in Kentucky Blessings.

Todah, Yiska
Posted by Yiska on
I am so sorry, one more thing. I just remembered ~ headcoverings??? Do you have any pattern suggestions? for adult female and measuring the childrens head and paking a pattern for myself and the children?

I really like the headcoverings that look like Sister Roberts: article ~ A Simple Look And Very Kodesh ~ Her Tabernacle outfit. These are really nice and I loke the one you are wearing that looks nice, but simple. I like them all. You all are very talented women. Again Todah, for being an example of purity.

Blessings, Yiska
Posted by yocabed on
shalom, daughter!
can i use the diaper pattern for pull ups or do you have one for pull up?
achotee Yocabed
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