Shalom To The Women Of Faith

Commit your works unto YAHWEH, and your thoughts shall be established.

By sister Jean

s_jeant.jpgMay these words of faith strengthen you this day.

When YAHWEH started this community nine years ago, there were only eight brothers and two sisters that could be here every day faithfully working on these grounds.

There were no buildings, just a few campers that we lived in. I prepared all our meals outside on a gas stove, which took forever. As Pastor Roberts was led by YAHWEH to move families here, we started with ten, then twenty saints, all the way to one hundred. 

I had to use wisdom with what I had and not to be wasteful. Planning a weekly menu helped out the cooks a great deal.

As YAHWEH led me, I would take the time with each cook to train and assist in every way. The sisters and I would discuss how important it is to make healthy and tasty meals.

My mother was a dietitian for 35 years and I would get ideas from her for planning our meals. We always had a garden here at Victory, so during the summer months we would have three to four vegetables a day and always fruit and wheat bread for breakfast.

I have always enjoyed cooking, so preparing food for the saints brought me great joy. 

We have two cooks for each main meal, breakfast and dinner. For lunch  one sister sets out leftovers. We start our young daughters with baking bread for breakfast. There are two sisters here that I discuss and plan the weekly menu with. All the sisters here enjoy cooking for the saints of YAHWEH. As we commit our works unto YAHWEH, HE blesses our hands to do more than we could even imagine.


Your Sister,
Jean Roberts



Posted by BERNERD on
hy women of faith ido welcome you hear in kenya and share more
Posted by Shar'ren on
Praise Ab for you sisters. May He continue to richly baruk and keep you. While viewing your page, I sit back and say to myself, "Self, you have to do better."

I grew up in church and served a false deity for years until about 4 1/2 years ago when Father called me out of that whore house and I'm very thankful. I have much to learn and although it is very trying living in this cesspool of lies and wickedness, it's not going to stop me from serving my Set apart Father.

Tudah for sharing with us, it means a lot, because some of us didn't get the knowledge of learning how to cook or crochet or how to clean house even as we grew, I know I didn't get that knowledge, so tudah for everything achuth. Please tell me how can I donate to the Sisterhood. One more question. I am still learning about the Shabath, should I be honoring the shabath evening to evening or morning to morning. I have been praying about it, as well. Tudah.
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